Let’s be Frank…

It’s Flag Day, and the flag is up to commemorate our 13-star flag in 1777. It’s also a day for me to give thanks and praise to our active military as they continue to defend it.

That’s a great way to start the day…but I was quickly returned to reality when I received an email from some “grid” forwarding an email from a job seeker. I try to reply to legitimate inquiries, and, although this looked legitimate, I paused. What assurance do I have when “grid” is calling again? This is an irritating event, since it occurs so often.

I dug deeper into “grid” by opening the resume to find the real email address to write a personal reply. I was willing to take the extra time to reply. I’m not convinced everyone would do that, the result of which would be a wasted inquiry – and, it could have been THE ONE!

We’re all busy…some too busy. But, when it comes to your job search, spend the time to make certain you are easy to reach. If you contract a resume writer, get the resume and send them out yourself – that also gives you the opportunity to personally address the recipient. And, even though “grid” might be perfectly legitimate and secure, the receiver doesn’t necessarily know that.

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