Don’t Get Stuck!

“If you don’t go, you don’t get” – a phrase shared many years ago by the captain of a ferry boat cruising Lake Champlain from Burlington VT to New York ports.

He was answering a question as to why he was facing bitter weather casting its forces over the lake one winter day. And this same phrase rings true to every job seeker in today’s market.

Over 10 years ago, I published an article telling Job Seekers that seeking new opportunities takes a lot of energy and drive. Y

ou have to go…you have to do what it takes…you have to “do it all” to succeed in finding the right opportunities.

Research then suggested that positions were filled through a variety of approaches, as follows (success rate in parenthesis):

          1. Organization Web sites (21%)
          2. Referrals (21%)
          3. Job Boards (20%)
          4. Search Firms (7%)
          5. Newspapers (5%)
          6. Social Networking (2%)
          7. Career Fairs (2%)
          8. Other (22%)

The premise was: you can’t succeed by working through just one channel for success.

Websites, Referrals, and Job Boards were suggested to be the most successful approach to find an appropriate opportunity, while others very well may be successful.

So what about today?

Statistics haven’t changed much, and you still have to “do it all.” BUT: there is very common agreement that networking is the most successful approach to finding a new position. Successful networking is conducted many ways – conferences, happy hours, job fairs, alumni associations…and many more opportunities to meet people face-to-face. The point is to find every opportunity to get yourself out there to meet more people – but the likelihood of landing a job using this approach is still less than 10%.

The most successful approach – LinkedIn – leads the social networking field as the most successful approach to networking. It common knowledge that many opportunities are landed through LinkedIn – either by finding an opportunity or by being found. While there don’t seem to be published statistics on the subject (survey is pending!), I am inclined to think that people are more likely to land an opportunity by finding it…versus being found. The passive lookers dominate the field…so, an active looker can seize the opportunity to step ahead of the competition by actively seeking opportunities through LinkedIn.

It’s a constant challenge to keep inspired with high energy and confidence. You have to keep going – working through the valleys and staying positive. You get what you pay for – if you don’t to, you don’t get…and you won’t fail – unless you stop trying. RDC Hiring Edge will help “you stay the course” – especially through the challenging waters!

Keep connecting – we can help!

Craig B. Toedtman – April 2019